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Firewall ports required to use voice and data on OCCP
OCCP requires several ports to be opened outbound to our server(s). Depending on which server you are on, the firewall rule assumed here is Source = You Destination = OC Servers (Check your...
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Google Drive: Add Shared Folder to File Explorer / Finder as a Folder not Shortcut.
How to add a folder shared with you in your Google Drive not just as a shortcut but a (regular) Folder which can then be accessed (and worked with) within any File Explorer / Finder. Use...
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AstiosUC OS Compatibility List.
AstiosUC is availabe on the following mobile platforms; Apple iOS 12 and up (ARM v7, ARM64) Google Android 8 and up (ARM v7, ARM 64, x86, x86-64) AstiosUC is available on the following...
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ORENCloud AstiosUC post login checklist
Manual verification of AstiosUC settings This guide helps you setup AstiosUC should there be an issue pulling these settings from the provisioning system. This can sometimes happen when the version...
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This category is a customer category and can be viewed once you login with your customer credentials. If you do not know your customer credentials please contact your Astiostech / Orencloud...
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Adding contact manually in AstiosUC on iOS and Android
Besides your phone contact as well as the company contact list you can also add contact manually. This is helpful if -for some reason- contacts can't be added to the company directory, for example...
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Forgot AstiosUC Password
To reset your AstiosUC password click/tap the forgot password link at the AstiosUC login page or visit. And follow the instructions. Note: If...
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AstiosUC Login LOCKED
Your AstiosUC account will be locked if there have been to many incorrect username and password attempts within a short time. To unlock you account write to [email protected] requesting your...
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Internet Bandwidth Speed and Quality test.
Internet Bandwidth Speed and Quality Test This test will show the Ping, Jitter and Download and Upload speed in Mbps. We recommend to perform the speed test -as least- twice and from the actual...
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VoIP (Voice over IP) uses Codecs to transmit the voice packets between Sender (Caller) and Receiver (Callee). A Codec handles several things whereby 1) The bandwidth usage, 2) compression rate and...
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Concurrency Call Rate Estimation
The concurrency rate refers to the number of simulation calls at any given time. This rate can vary based on the type of business operation you conduct. For example if you run a high call-volume...
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WebRTC (Client-less) Phone Test
To test if your Internet connection is OK and supports the WebRTC (Client-less, in-browser) SIP phone you can login to our test account and conduct 2 tests. If any of the test fail please inform...
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AstiosUC MacOS Answer Call
When a call comes in a pop-up will appear at the bottom right corner, click the green answer button to answer the call. If you don't want to answer click the orange hang-up/reject button,...
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AstiosUC MacOS Logout
To Logout just exit the AstiosUC, this will log you out automatically.
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AstiosUC MacOS Login
Open AstiosUC Key in the login credentials provided and click "Sign In" Note: If you check the "Remember sign in information" the next time when you open the AstiosUC your login...
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ALG SIP on firewall, router, etc.
If you experience that when a call comes in your SIP device is not ringing this might be due that on your (ISP) router the SIP is enabled on the ALG level. To solve this issue;- Login to your...
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AstiosUC MacOS Installation
Go to Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "AstiosUC MacOS" The file will auto download Once the file download is completed, click on the name of...
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