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First steps
Configure your profile
This guide helps you set up your profile with image, display name etc, and change your password. To navigate to the profile settings page, click on the kebab menu icon () on the dashboard's bottom...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Configure Account Details
Configure account details An account in OMNI holds the information about the organization. You can update the name or language used in the account by changing the settings as show below. To...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Add Agent
Add Agent An Agent is a member of your Customer Support team. Agents will be able to view and reply to messages from your users. Click on 'Settings' on the Left Hand Side OR 'Click here to...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Add Inbox
Add Inbox An Inbox shows the connection of a website or a Facebook page to OMNI. You can have limits to add inboxes in your OMNI account based on your subscription. Inbox can be added to your...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Add Teams
Add Teams Teams let you organise your agents into groups based on their responsibilities. A user can be part of multiple teams. You can assign conversations to a team when you are working...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Add Label
Add Label Labels help you to categorise conversations and prioritise them. You can assign label to a conversation from the side panel. Labels are tied to the account and can be used to create...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Canned Responses
Create common reply messages using canned responses Canned Responses are saved reply templates that are used to send out a reply to a conversation quickly. You can use canned responses to save...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Integrations OMNI is designed such that it can work alongside the project communication application that you are using in the project. For example, Slack and Webhooks are already integrated in...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Applications In this section, OMNI has Dialogflow application already collaborated. This helps in creating automated responses in your conversation window. Let the bot handle the queries before...
rating 17 Sep, 2022

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