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ORENcloudUC OS Compatibility List (customer version)

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Last updated: 29 Jun, 2022

ORENcloudUC is available on the following mobile platforms;

  • Apple iOS 14.0 and up (ARM v7, ARM64)
  • Google Android 6 and up (ARM v7, ARM 64, x86, x86-64)

ORENcloudUC is available on the following Desktop platforms;

  • Windows Desktop: x86 & x86_64, Windows 10 and up
  • Mac OS X: x86_64 10.15 and up

The ORENcloudUC can be downloaded here from our Website

Note: If you don't meet the minimum requirements we can offer you an alternative, i.e. installation of a freely, in the market softphone. However, by doing so you will lose various functionalities and have limited support.

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Article ID: 133
Last updated: 29 Jun, 2022
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