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Campaigns You can also have something called Campaigns. Campaigns relate to website inboxes. Campaigns are similar to advertisements or one liners which will be automatically displayed to the...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Custom Attributes
Custom Attributes OMNI supports custom attributes other than standard data attributes (a default set of data about your conversations/contacts like Name, Email, Location, etc.). A custom...
rating 13 Mar, 2024
CSAT - Customer Satisfaction Survey
CSAT The CSAT(Customer satisfaction score) generally represents how happy customers are with your product or service or specific experience. CSAT is one of the critical customer satisfaction...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Contacts Contacts section in OMNI contains the details of End Users/Customers that you have interacted with using OMNI Widget. You can consider it as Customer Data Base. Click on Contacts on...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Conversation Routing
Routing conversations Every conversation in OMNI can have an assignee. An assignee can be manually added to the conversation via the web console or the API, or the organisations can opt for...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Reports Reports of the conversations which has happened over time, can be viewed in the Reports Section. Click on Reports on home page. The below window opens up with Overview of the...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Conversation Workflows
Conversation Workflow The customer initiates a conversation from the website front end - through the widget. For example: Customer types in 'Help' Automated response set in channel...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts OMNI has several keyboard shortcuts that perform operations that help you to navigate through the different dashboards and make some actions more efficient with the help of the...
rating 17 Sep, 2022
Command Bar
Command bar OMNI's command bar will help you navigate more seamlessly around OMNI dashboard and optimise you workflow with a new host of commands starting with a single shortcut - Command Key + k...
rating 17 Sep, 2022

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