WhatsApp With 360Dialog

360Dialog With OMNI

Set your WhatsApp number with 360Dialog

Step 1: Click on this onboard link to sign up for 360Dialog account. Do not directly sign up with 360Dialog. If you sign up directly, ORENCloud will not be able to co-manage your API keys. Once you've successfully verified your email and signed in, proceed below.

Step 2: Add New Number

Step 3. Verify Your Phone Number

Step 4. Configure Your Business Profile

Step 5. Integration and Testing

Support and Documentation

Setup OMNI for WhatsApp via 360Dialog 

Step 1. Open your OMNI dashboard. Go to Settings ? Inboxes ? Add Inbox.

Step 2. Click on the "WhatsApp" icon.

Step 3. Choose "360Dialog" as the API provider. Fill in the appropriate details.

Values Description
API Provider Type of provider, this case choose 360Dialog
Inbox Name Any name to suite your operation
Phone number Must be in the form of +60xxxx, e.g. +60386892888
API Key A long API key provided after the setup in 360 completes

REMEMBER: Never share your API key with anyone else

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