How-to Create monthly CDR report on BTEL

This article describes how-to create a (new) monthly comprehensive report that will be send out to you via email every 1st of the month at 00:01.

Screenshots are provided at the end of this article for additional guidance.

if you want to create an ad-hoc reports, you can refer to the separate KB Article "How-to run an ad-hoc CDR report on BTEL" for the specific steps.

1. Access to the BTEL Portal:

2. Login to the Portal:

3. Create a (new) Report

  1. At the side menu goto Configuration -> Reports
  2. Click "New Report"


  1. Name: Key in a name of the report e.g. "Orencloud Monthly Report"
  2. Active: Select YES
  3. Holding days: 10
  4. Type: Select: Call Details Record
  5. Timeframe: Select: Last Month
  6. Fields: Select the following
    • Start
    • End
    • Extension
    • Number dialled
    • Duration
    • Direction
    • Disposition
    • Bill Time
    • Cost
    • Country
    • Network
  7. Group by: Select By Extension
  8. Direction: Select: Inbound and Outbound
  9. Extension: Leave empty
  10. Report call with cost: Select: Report any call
  11. Disposition: Select: Any


  1. Size: Select: A4
  2. Orientation: Select: Landscape
  3. Font size: Key in 8
  4. Row height: Key in 6
  5. Top date/time format: Leave as Default
  6. Details date/time format: Leave as Default
  7. Theme: Leave as Default


  1. Year: Select: Every Year
  2. Month: Select Every Month
  3. Weekday: Select Any Weekday
  4. Day: Select: 1
  5. Hour: Select 00
  6. Minute: Select 01
  7. Timezone: Leave as Use Server default - Asia/Kuala_Lumpur


  1. Email template: Leave as Use Default
  2. Email: <your email address>
  3. Note: to send to more than one use the , (comma) as separator, e.g. <email1>,<email2>,etc

Done, Click SAVE

--== Screenshots ==--

BTEL Monthly Report New Report

Report Items v2

BTEL Monthly Report Page

Report Schedule v2

BTEL Monthly Report Delivery

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