Dialler CC Access to Mailbox

  1. Login as Supervisor
  2. Open Report "Real-Time Main Report"

ViCi Real Time Main Report

3. Open the Webphone by clicking the link (in order to receive the call)

Open WebRTC Phone

  1. The Webphone will be shown and you are ready to monitor.

WebRTC phone

How to Access Voicemail Box

  1. Enter *97 using the dialpad of webphone and press Dial Button

WebRTC Phone 97

  1. Follow the Voice instruction to login to mailbox :
    1. Enter Mailbox ID (0,1,2,3...) and press #
    2. Enter mailbox password and press #
  2. Follow the voice instruction to enter New voicemails Folder and listen
    1. press 1 to listen to new voicemails.
    2. press 6 to listen next message
    3. press 7 to delete this message
  3. Hangup the call by pressing the #
  4. To hide the Webphone click on the "- Webphone link"

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Last updated: 20 Mar, 2024
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