OUC: 3 Way Conference / Add a caller

A 3 Way conference / add a caller is the ability to add another caller to the ongoing.

1. During an active call press the Add Call Button

OUC 3Way Conf Add

2. The Keypad will appear.

OUC Transfer Keypad

3. Key in the number you want to join the call and press the dial button -or- select a number from your Contacts and tap/click the number.
    TIP: If you want to cancel the 3 way conference at this point tab on the top green "Dial to Transfer" and you will get the caller back. 

OUC Transfer Call

4. The Join Call screen will appear and you are now talking to the 3rd party, the original caller will be On Hold and hear Music On Hold

if YES the receiving party is OK to join the call press the "Join" button and the 3 Way conference will be established.
TIP: During this step you can switch between the callers by pressing the Switch (B) button. 

OUC 3Way Join

If NO the receiving party does not want to Join the 3 Way Conference and the 3rd party did not hang up (yet) you can hangup the call by pressing the Hangup Button (A) and then the "Hold" to take back the original caller.

OUC 3 Way No OUC Att Transfer Off Hold

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