OUC Follow-me second call not coming in when OUC is ringing.

Symptoms: When OUC is ringing my extension a second call from my follow-me list is not coming in.

Scenario: On my ext 1000 I've also set follow-me to my mobile 012-3451234 and the ring strategy is Ringall or Ringall-Prim whereby call the 1st extension for 10sec and then call also my mobile. Now when my OUC rings and I don't answer the call within the 10sec a second call to my mobile should be coming in. This is likely caused by the limitation of your phone and/or telco.

Solution: Change your ring strategy to Hunt, this will 1st call the number 1st in in your follow-me list, in this case your extension 1000 for 10sec and when you don't answer it will stop calling your extension 1000 and call the next follow-me number in your list which is the mobile number 012-2341234.

If you have more then 2 numbers in your follow-me list it will then go to the next number until all were called and if still not answered it will go to the failover destination which -in most cases- is prompt the caller to leave a voicemail.

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Last updated: 23 Dec, 2021
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