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Login to MyFax Portal
To Logon to the MyFax Webportal visit: You will see the Welcome Screen as shown below, key in your login credentials and click Login
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- Forgot Password
If you forgot your password click on the “lost your password?” link located on the LOGIN page, this will bring you to the “Lost your Password?” page. Key in the e-mail address that is used...
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Welcome Page (Inbox)
After login to the MyFax portal you enter the Welcome Page a.k.a. Inbox. The Welcome Page / Inbox is split into 2 parts, on top is the TOP NAVIGATION BAR and below the MYFAX INBOX showing all...
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Send Fax
To send faxes click on the Send Fax ICON on the TOP NAVIGATION BAR. LEGEND; FAX SEND STANDARD OPTIONS Key in the fax number in the following formats, e.g. 0380717307 (Fax number...
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LEGEND; ARCHIVE OPTIONS Company search: Not commonly used!, Key in the company number to filter queries to only faxes from/to that particular number. Company list: Not commonly...
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All actively sending faxes as well as faxes set with a time-delay are shown here together with some additional technical information. After the fax has been sent out it will be moved to the archive.
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User Settings
To view and/or change any of your user settings click the link Settings at the top left. LEGEND; SETTINGS Your Name DO NOT CHANGE!. Company Your Company Name, E.g. Orencloud...
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