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ORENCloud AstiosUC post login checklist

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Last updated: 16 Jun, 2021

We recommend to check and verify the following upon login.

  1. Go to settings (on iOS/Android click on gear icon)
  2. You will see your extension listed under "SIP ACCOUNTS", click on it.
  3. While leave all other settings as is, change the following
    • Push notification: ON
    • Stun Server:
    • ICE=ON
    • AVPF=ON
    • Expire=15768000
  4. Click back until you see the settings page again
  5. Click on Audio, disable everything else except OPUS under CODECS
  6. Click on Call,
    • Disable "Send inbound DTMFs"
    • Enable "Send SIP INFO DTMFs"
  7. Click on Network,
    • Edge optimization=ON
    • Stun
    • ICE=ON
    • TURN=ON
      • Set username as astiosuc and password as astiosuc1
    • Random port=ON
    • IPV6=OFF
  8. Go back until you see the dialpad again
  9. Now, try to test a call, dial *43, you should hear someone announcing a test is in progress. Just let her finish, then you can start talking into the phone, you should hear yourself. If you can hear yourself (echo), then all is well.

You only need to set these once.

Enjoy AstiosUC .

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Article ID: 76
Last updated: 16 Jun, 2021
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