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Dialer CC Supervisor How to Spy, Barge and Whisper

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Last updated: 25 Aug, 2023
  1. Login as Supervisor
  2. Open Report "Real-Time Main Report"”

  1. Click "Choose Report Display Options"

  1. TIP: Set a lower Screen Refresh Rate e.g. 4 Sec

  1. Key in the Supervisor Phone Extension i.e. 2010

  1. Select the Monitoring Option (See below Table for Legend) and click Submit

Monitoring Options


No Monitoring Option


Listen in (aka Spying, nobody will know you are listing)


3 Way Conference, all parties (Agent, Caller and Supervisor can hear each other)


Talk to Agent (aka Coaching, on Agent will hear you, caller will not.)

  1. Open the Webphone by clicking the link (in order to receive the call)

  1. The Webphone will be shown and you are ready to monitor.

How to Monitor

Select the monitoring option (None, Monitor (i.e. Listen), Barge, Whisper)

  1. To Listen click on the Listen link

  1. To Barge click on the Barge link

  1. To Whisper click on the Whisper Link

  1. When Clicking on the monitoring option the Dial popup screen will appear and click OK.

  1. The Webphone will show "Incall - 2010" and the call Icon has changed to a "phone" icon indicating you are connected to the ongoing call and monitoring.

  1. To stop the monitoring click on the "phone" icon to hang up, after hang up the icon will change back to the "receiver" icon. (note you are just ending your monitoring session, this will not interrupt the ongoing call of the agent)


  1. To hide the Webphone click on the "- Webphone link"


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Article ID: 223
Last updated: 25 Aug, 2023
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