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Last updated: 01 Mar, 2024

If you forgot your password click on the “lost your password?” link located on the LOGIN page, this will bring you to the “Lost your Password?” page.

Key in the e-mail address that is used on which you receive all your MyFax notifications and click Send Password

After successfully entering your email address the system will prompt that an email has been send. In the email your new temporary password is provided, login with this new password and the system will prompt you to change it immediately after which you will be directed to the Welcome Page

Note: If you get an error “Sorry, no corresponding user was found.” then you have entered an incorrect email address i.e. other than the email address set for your notifications. In such cases or other cases where you are unable to login to the MyFax portal send an email to [email protected] for further support.

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Article ID: 70
Last updated: 01 Mar, 2024
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